Starting DSA Network for Airtel in pune

(DSA stands for Direct Sales Agents)

To capitalize on the telcom boom you need to understand how to start a DSA. This is a network where you can sell all the airtel products and airtel pays you for that. So no bother of dealing with monthly bills convert and collect directly.

So what do you need.

  • Want for starting new business.
  • Deposit of Rs. 1,00,000 ( Refundable by Airtel ).
  • Telephone lines for outbound and inbound calls.
  • Team to make calls collect documents.

So how does DSA makes money.

Well Airtel (any telecom operator) pays you to convert a customer from prepaid to postpaid or getting customer from other providers. They offer different plans that suites individual or corporates needs.

It is about finding out what customer is spending currently and providing him with your solution which will cost him less or provide more benifits and new services. Initial database is provided by airtel so don't worry.

so in all if you calculate. say airtel pays you Rs. 450 per conversion. and you have team of 5 callers and 2 collection agents with there pay of 6000 avg. / per head then.

1 telecaller makes 150 call with average call time of 3 mins. and sells 15 connections per day so 5*15 = 75 conversion per day, hence in 24 working days total will be 1800 connections.

and total expenditure will be

Rent of shop = Rs 15,000 /-

Electricity = 3,000 /-

Salary 7*6000 = 42000 /-

Deposit ( one time ) = 1,00,00 /-

Telephone cost taking ps. 50 per call / per min = .50 *3*150*5 = 1,125 per day hence 27,000 /- per month ( the cost of calling is less than than that as you can get special calling rates from airtel. still..

so total expenditure will be. 15000+3000+42000+27000 = 1,87,000 /-

hence your profit will be 810000-187000=6,13,000/-

now taking worst case scenario even with 5 sales per rep everyday the sales will be 2,70,000/- hence profit will be 83,000 /- after earning Rs 1,00,000 /- of the deposit.

from next month your profit will be 1,83,000 /-