Data Entry Services

The data entry services we offer are Offline Data Entry Services, Online Data Entry Services, Image Data Entry Services, Document Data Entry...


Under this vertical we will deal in all type of IT and NON IT process. Basically we have lots of business process of different-2 companies for outsourcing....

Finance Services

We provide loan services forProperty Loan, Project Loan Services, Loan Against Property Services, Home Loan Services, Education Loan Services...

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INSURANCE [Data Entry]

Insurance companies have to continually find out new techniques to keep them alive in the field.

MORTGAGE [Data Entry]

The basic advantage that Data Entry India will provide is in its expertise towards the mortgage industry data processing and data entry needs.

SURVEY [Data Entry]

Our experienced data entry operators use the latest software technology to provide cost-effective and error-free survey data entry.

Telecome Services

TCS helps service providers achieve operational efficiency, reduce service rollout time, propel innovation and achieve business and operational objectives.

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About us

Star Data Solutions is a full-service data entry company based in India

We utilize advanced technologies to convert large quantities of paper and image-based forms to electronic data usable in database and document management systems.

World's most successful business relies on service and solution developed at Star Data Solutions for streamlining and managing their business data efficiently, accurately and off-course timely.